What We Do.

We help brands amplify the social reach & engagment
of their event sponsorship


Branded Photos & Videos

Instantly Shared By Your Consumers
with Their Social Networks

By getting your event guests to share photos with your brand message on
them – we “amplify” the reach of your brand experience

This creates “user generated” content and endorsment of your brand –
which is 5x more powerful than tradiotional advertising (Source AC Nielsen).

Brands invest heavily in event and sponsorship properties. Smile
Dealers help brands amplify the reach of their event sponsorship, and
back that up with tangible data that allows you to quantify ROI

A Range of Solutions – To Suit Your Event

Every event or campaign is different. Because of that we have a range
of photo sharing and video solutions. You want a social photo booth?
Cool we’ve got it. You want to get 1000 runners sharing from a mobile
device after a marathon? We’ve got that covered too.

Roaming Social Photography

Social PhotoBooth

iPad Photo Marketing App

Social Video Booth

Core Benefit – Social Amplification of Sponsorship Message

We turn your event guests into Social Ambassadors. Amplifying the reach of your event message,
and creating significant social engagement with your message.


Who We Work For

  • Cocacola
  • Samsung
  • Mc Donald's
  • Mini
  • Vodafone
  • Heineken
  • Unilever
  • Adidas

Most of our work is with marketing agencies, on
behalf of big brands like these guys.

Agencies – we know the pressures you face to deliver
better than anyone. Our job is to make you look good.

You wont find us at weddings or bar mitzvas.

You will find us working with premium brands and agencies who are serious about creating engaging, quantifiable, branded social content

About Us

Small Beginnings

We started in 2012 from humble
beginnings, an idea on a scrap of paper,
our founders life savings, a load of hard
work and a bit good luck along the way.

Rapid Growth

We have now grown to be a global leader in
photo & video marketing solutions for
events, and our branded photos have been
viewed by millions of consumers.

We Deliver When it Counts

Most of our business has been driven by
word of mouth and referrals. And once we
get a client they invite us back because we
ALWAYS do a great job. Brands like
Coca-Cola don’t invite you back again and
again unless you are doing an amazing job.

Let’s Talk

Every event is unique.
Let’s chat about how we can make a custom
solution for your event.

Call Us Now

NZ:     021 309 772
AUS:   020 8133 0599
INTL:  +64 21309 772