Retail Photo Kiosk

Slim line Photo Kiosk Designed for Retail &
Tourism outlets

Fun, interactive in store theatre
Creates fun branded photos for instant social sharing

Fun Instore Photo Experience

Your consumers engage with the in store photo kiosk.  Perhaps spice up the experience with product themed props or a “best photo wins” competition

View Branded Photo

Consumers can instantly see their branded photo on the kiosk screen

Instantly Share

Consumers enter their details on screen, and a link to their branded photo is sent to them for social sharing.

Quantifiable Results

Smile Dealers provide ongoing reporting to enable you to measure reach and quantify ROI.

In Store Social Photo Sharing

Get your consumers to become your advocates

In response to a customer request for an affordable, scalable photo booth for an ins tore promotion, we developed the Smile Dealers retail photo booth A slim line retail photo booth, it takes up minimal floor space but provides a large consumer facing interface.

This is ideal for getting consumers to send your message to their friends, and works best with a call to action such as “share your photo to win”

Smile Dealers can help you set up a share and win mechanic to incentivise consumer photo sharing

Using cost effective hardware, we can “scale up” your retail photo booth campaign to ensure multiple outlets can be activated at an affordable price


In Store Photo Booth’s at Max Fashion 

In store photo kiosks were deployed to 15 Max stores for a joint promotion between Max and Magnum Ice Creams

How the Retail Photo Kiosk Works


Your Shoppers Snap
Themselves In Outlet

Slimline, easy to use kiosks add an element of theater to yourshopping experience

Shoppers interact with the kiosk and snap a fun photo of themselves.  Retailers can drive additional interaction via “share and win” or “best photo” mechanic.    Add to the fun with some product related props.

Shopper Enters Details

Shopper enters their email address on screen.

Image is sent to the consumers as a link to their
photo in a web gallery or on stores facebook page.


Trackable Activity

We can track consumer interaction with images
so you can quantify ROI

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