Combines professional event photographer with instant social photo sharing

Premium Images taken by a specialist nightlife photographer
Consumers instantly share their premium branded images socially

Premium Photography

A professional photographer roams your event. – taking beautiful photos Photographers camera is wirelessly synched to our iPads.

Photos Instantly Appear On Ipad

Branded photos appear on iPads for guests to view instantly. (Photo transfer from camera to ipad occurs wirelessly).   Guests love seeing their photos “magically” appear on the iPads.

Instant Social Sharing

Consumers instantly share branded photo to Facebook via the Smile Dealers platform.

Quantifiable Results

Smile Dealers provide detailed post event reporting to quantify ROI.  200 Photos shared to Facebook will reach over 40,000 consumers and drive significant (and measurable) social engagement

Professional Photos – Instantly Shareable

Branded images synch instantly & wirelessly to ipads for sharing

The Smile Dealers Paparazzo system is ideal for parties,  media launches,  industry events.  We are focused on premium photography to make sure your guests look great and want to share their pic.

We have a photographer and a brand ambassador(s) work as a team. Photographer takes photos, and then the images instantly appear on an ipad (in a branded format) ready for your guests to share.

We combine the awesome photos that only a professional photographer can get, with Smile Dealers unique technology which allows us to brand the photos and have them shared instantly.


Premium Event Photos – Instantly Shared

We roam your event, taking professional snaps and getting them shared instantly

How Smile Dealers Paparazzo works


Photography + Instant
Social Sharing

Our team of 3 (1 photographer and 2x brand ambassadors armed with iPads),  roam your event “papping” your guests.

Using a professional photographer means we get premium images that make your guests (and your brand) look like VIP’s

Branded Images
Instantly appear on

Photos taken by photographer wirelessly transfer to the iPads. Consumers can instantly see how awesome they look in their photo!
Consumers can then post their premium pic instantly to Facebook via the Smile Dealers Platform


Amplify Event Reach and ROI

Images are instantly shared to social media,  and our data  shows roughly 200 Photos shared on Facebook will reach 40,000 consumers.

Post event we provide detailed analytics measuring Social Reach,  as well as Social Engagement with your pics.  Your clients will be blown away by the exponential reach Brand Cam added to your activation

Proven Track Record

Our facebook Photobooth Gets Results – It’s been used by:
  • Cocacola
  • Samsung
  • Mc Donald's
  • Mini
  • Vodafone
  • Heineken
  • Unilever
  • Adidas

Photos Drive Social Amplification of your Event

Generate Tens of thousands of photo impressions
Drive Traffic to your brand’s facebook page
Increase Facebook Likes

Social Amplification

Case Studies

Don’t just take our word for it – See what we have been up to

Russian Standard Vodka

VIP Concert Experience

Russian Standard Vodka offered
consumers a once in a lifetime festival
experience.   We helped them share tips


Heineken Open Tennis

Premium,  professional photos of
the Heineken Bar at this
international Tennis event


“Night Skiiing” Promotion

Fun photos,  taken on mountain and
in a nightlclub to amplify Corona’s
“Night Ski” activation

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