About Us


Big Results in a short period of time

Smile Dealers activated their first event in November 2011 and we havent looked back since.

Since then we have gone from an idea on a scrap of paper, to a full service Photo Marketing agency working for clients in New Zealand and overseas

We are extremely proud of the fact that in an incredibly short period of time we have worked on events and campaigns for the likes of Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Vodafone, Samsung, MINI, BMW, Corona, Adidas, Heineken and many many more.

Most of our business has been driven by word of mouth and referrals. We have done no advertising and very little cold calling. What we have done though is deliver great photo marketing solutions to premium brands. And once we get a client they invite us back because we ALWAYS do a great job.

Our Philosophy

We don’t have a “mission statement” on the wall or any of that rubbish but we have three core principles that have made us succesful

  1. We keep creating and refining great products
  2. We always deliver what we say we will
  3. We add value through ideas, experience, startegey
  4. We care. We are a small business, so our success is absolutely dependent on our clients success. We do everything possible to make your event or campaign a success.
  5. We focus on making your life easy. You have a million things to worry about, so we are fanatical about making sure we make your life easy, and that we make you look good at your event.

We work via marketing agencies, direct for brands, or we can license our products to individuals to resell. Whatever works best fopr our clients

Lets Chat
We love to talk, and have heaps of creative ideas. So the best way to find out what we do is to give us a call so we can chat through your objectives, and work out how we can help you achieve them

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Track Record of Success with premium Brands